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Bethel Free Health Clinic Job Description

Title: Executive Director
Position: The Executive Director is a part-time, (20 hours/week) position.
Reports to: Bethel Free Health Clinic Board of Directors

Job Purpose: The Executive Director provides the leadership that enables Bethel Free Health Clinic to provide health care services to Mississippi Gulf Coast residents who are uninsured, adult patients. Working with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director obtains the necessary resources to support this critical mission. He or she engages qualified medical and health care practitioners to volunteer their services to patients attending the clinic. The Executive Director also plays an essential role in communicating, directly and through the media; the importance and availability of health care support, the need for financial support from the community and the clinic’s involvement in the broader community of free care clinics.

Key Result Areas: The energies and skills of the Executive Director will focus on six areas.

  1. Managing an efficient and effective free clinic that provides high quality services
  2. Designing, planning, and implementing, with Board approval, the appropriate mix of
    services that best meet the needs of Gulf Coast residents
  3. Designing and implementing effective programs to attract eligible Gulf Coast residents to
    use the services of the clinic
  4. Creating community support that yields essential volunteer efforts and donations
  5. Building a sound budget to support the delivery of planned services and working with
    the Board to ensure adequate funding
  6. Building relationships with community and state organizations serving similar publics.
    Important Relationships:
    The Executive Director must be effective in working with others who play fundamental roles in supporting the mission.
  • Clinic volunteers and staff
  • Patients
  • The Board of Directors
  • Donors
  • Grant sources
  • Relevant community organizations and people e.g.churches, service groups, schools
  • Local media

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
While the Executive Director performs multiple tasks, there are seven priorities:

  • Ensuring that the services of the Bethel Free Health Clinic are clearly communicated to Gulf Coast residents in a manner that makes eligible patients comfortable with using the clinic.
  • Managing a clinic organization that provides appropriate care, either personally or by referral, and marshals the resources required to ensure every patient is served.
  • Meeting with local people in relevant venues to communicate the Bethel Free Health Clinic mission and its available services.
  • Developing an understanding of available grant, government, and individual donor sources and using these effectively to obtain the financial resources meet the mission.
  • Maintaining all financial, operating, and patient care records in full conformance with rules and regulations and providing timely reports as required by grants and regulations.
  • Creating and proposing annual strategic, operating, marketing, and financial plans for Board approval and implementing these as agreed.
  • Working with the Board of Directors to ensure clear communication and understanding of all plans and progress, obtaining their active support with implementation, where needed, and assisting the Board in filling Board vacancies.

Budget Responsibilities
The Executive Director identifies the community needs that should be met, how they could be met, and the projected costs of doing so. The Board of Directors reviews the proposed plans and suggests modifications where appropriate. The Executive Director implements the plans.

Key activities include:

  • With the Medical Director, assess current and projected patient needs and identify additional professional and financial resources required to meet them.
  • Prepare a detailed annual operating plan and estimated budget for Board consideration and approval. Obtain Board approval for annual plans.
  • Provide budget reports to each meeting of the Board, summarizing revenues and expenses and noting all major exceptions. Where appropriate, suggest budget revisions. Obtain Board approval for expenditures over $500 not included in the budget.
  • Obtain Treasurer’s co-signature for all expenditures of over $2000.
  • Support the annual review of financial records by the Board-selected auditors. Provide a
    response to the Board for any items deemed by the auditors as requiring attention.

Required Characteristics

The clinic does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, or political persuasion. It places special emphasis on skills, traits, and experience it believes will help achieve success for the Clinic and the candidate.

  • Commitment to the mission of the Clinic
  • Knowledge of the Greene community
  • Relevant experience with the healthcare industry
  • Good communication skills – written, interpersonal and public
  • Knowledge of, and skills with using a broad range of social media
  • Planning experience
  • Creativity and adaptiveness
  • Knowledge of marketing, especially the use of social media
  • Satisfaction from working for the mission and its psychic rewards
  • Ability to say “no” when faced with unreasoned opposition.

Performance Measures

The Executive Director will measure her/his performance by success in:

  • Expanding Bethel Free Health Clinic’s patient base
  • Raising adequate funds to support the mission
  • Achieving high levels of patient, volunteer, board, and staff satisfaction
  • Creating positive attitudes about the clinic among Gulf Coast residents and politicians.
    Performance will be reviewed after the first six months and annually thereafter.

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Bethel Free Health Clinic Job Description Title: Executive Director

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